June 13, 2006

I have had it with discussions of immigration. I cannot believe that every time the subject is brought up that the response isn't "Yes, the economy is in the toilet, isn't it?"

The entire nation spent the whole of the 90's not caring about illegal immigration because whatever their job, the vast majority of people knew that their next job would be better and that their wages were going to increase. As a result, the only concern for illegal immigrants centered around whether they were receiveing decent treatment. In those days, no one was too concerned with competition for their jobs or for competing with illegal immigrants for their jobs because they were moving up, not down.

Today, in this "jobless recovery" we have entered, many people are looking down the economic ladder and fearing that this may be the path they are on. As a result the illegal immigrants have become competition and our current debate.

The solution is not "immigration reform," it is economic reform. If wages were rising, if adequate numbers of new jobs were being created, then immigration reform would disappear back into the background. Make no mistake, our current immigration system is shameful, but to talk of reform in this economic climate is very premature. First get the economy on track, then we can talk about immigration at leisure.


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