Republican Humor

June 21, 2006

First, chew slowly and swallow whatever you have in your mouth. I won't be responsible for any coffee stains on your monitor nor corned beef in the keyboard.

Then head over to the New York Times and read this letter to the editor. I swear that Senator Gregg scales heights of hypocracy heretofor unseen. From the very start you can feel the fire of his anger:

"Your assertion ("Phony Deficit Hawks," editorial, June 18) that pay-go budget rules are the answer to federal deficits is a page from the liberal playbook — a way to put forth a solution that also happens to be irrelevant to the issue at hand."

How dare anyone propose that he pay for profligate spending? liberal, Liberal LIBERAL, LIBERAL!!!!! Fiscal sanity? We're REPUBLICAN! We don't need no fiscal sanity!

"Liberals have fought spending controls every step of the way, so pay-go would essentially force tax increases."

Yah shure… That was a liberal who lied us into an unnecessary war that's costing over $100M per day, a liberal who gave out all those sole-source contracts, a liberal who shoved through a prescription drug benefit that allowed no bargaining with big pharma. I'll bet as each of those budgets crossed your desk that you "had no idea" that maybe they might cost actual money.
And in closing, as with every joke, the punchline:

The real problem is that Congress is making promises that cost money we don't have. We need to stop that practice through disciplined spending restraint, not tax increases.

My legislation offers ways to put the brakes on spending, so our children will inherit a much more effective and affordable government.

"The congress?" Would that be the REPUBLICAN congress? The Republican House of Representatives? The Republican Senate? With a Republican signing off on their output?

No, seriously, Senator, will this legislation be anything like any of those other budgets that you hammered with your big Bush rubber stamp? I swear I have not heard a joke this funny in years.


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